SPA with Laravel Livewire

Learn how to create a feeling of a single page application using Laravel, Livewire and Turbolinks

Step by step video tutorial

Multipurpose Laravel & Livewire SPA application project source code

Includes fixes of weird issues

Simple demo app for frontend application

Free access to newly added content

The Course Outline

Understanding How Turbolinks Works

Converting Simple frontend site into SPA

Converting Multi-Purpose Laravel and Livewire Application into SPA

I got the early access to this course and this was really great similar to YouTube videos by Clovon. This course helped me to convert my own Laravel Livewire Application into a SPA. Thank You.

Sam Ali


@clovon is publishing videos on YouTube based on Laravel, Livewire and helping lots of developers.

You can follow me on twitter @HiClovon. I will be sharing content based on PHP, Laravel, Livewire, Vue.js and the technology around.